LOOK: LITTLE MIX's JADE THIRLWALL Dips In Icy Water For A Cause On Her Birthday!

Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall celebrated her birthday last December 26 by taking part in the annual North Sea Boxing Dip Day to raise money for a good cause. 

Spending her Christmas with family in South Shields, the 24-year-old star dressed as a penguin and dipped in an icy cold water with her brother Karl and other fundraisers. 

The pop star and her brother joined the event in memory of their aunt Norma Embleton, who died last October because of pancreatic cancer and to raise funds for non-profit organization Cancer Connections. 

Jade visited the headquarters of the organization on Christmas Eve, giving gifts and signing autographs for the children suffering from the disease.


lovely day at #CancerConnections with these little elves ????????

A photo posted by jade amelia thirlwall (@jadethirlwall) on

Did you greet Jade a happy birthday? Tell us in the comments!



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