BAMBOO Is The MYX Headliner For January!

Bamboo opens 2017 as the MYX Headliner for the month of January!

Get to know more about The Prince of Rock and The Voice coach by catching him all month long on MYX!

Check out his latest video, "C@ll" and vote for it here on MYX!

Video courtesy: polyeastrecords


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  • fvillegas

    posted 8 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your music with us...😍 We love you coach Bamboo!! 💙

  • mary jane pefianco

    posted 8 months ago

    walang kupas guapo mo......

  • mary jane pefianco

    posted 8 months ago

    miss you coach b..... astig ng mv mo....

  • jmsanchezjorge

    posted 8 months ago

    Salute to your passion in music. Keep going! ?