LOOK: HALSEY Gets Into A Twitter Spat While Defending ARIANA GRANDE

Ariana Grande's recent stand on women objectification drew some criticism from people but the singer stood firm on her stance on the matter. The Grammy nominee had earlier said that 'women (and men) can express themselves however they'd like' but it is not an 'invitation to be disrespected'.  

LOOK: ARIANA GRANDE Claps Back At Critics!

Among the many people who came to her defense is another outspoken artist in the music industry when it comes to gender equality. The Chainsmokers' collaborator, Halsey, defended Ariana after Canadian author and activist, Laura Southern, posted:

Halsey, who is known to be supportive women rights and advocates the fight against misogynism and bigotry, called the author out for being jealous and preaching an "unsafe rhetoric."

Laura has since tweeted back but has not gotten any response from the singer.

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