Gloc-9 Is A Collab Monster!

Gloc-9 has definitely shot up each performance to a whole new level at the Summer MYX Fest 2012 in Boracay as he collaborated with the biggest bands to give some of the hit songs a brand new color!

He's a relatively quiet guy but when he comes up on stage, his words drop like bombs and setting an already awesome song on fire! 

Urbandub have already given Francis M's "Cold Summer Nights" a fresh take with their ska/reggae/rock inspired rendition. But things got more interesting as Gloc-9 raps as frontman Gabby Alipe sings the chorus! If the Master Rapper were alive, he would have definitely loved the performance!

After that, he came back to join Wolfgang as they close their set with their most requested song of the night, "Halik Ni Hudas"! To give the song a fresh spin, Gloc-9 brought out his own song, "Bugtong" and performed a mash up! The rock classic has taken a different face with the rapid rhyme salvo! 

And of course, with his friends, Parokya Ni Edgar, the audience received a treat as they performed the hit, "One Hit Combo", live from Boracay! And it seemed that a lot has memorized the entire song, including the rap parts as the crowd sing along. The song has reached the top of the MYX charts months ago and it's still a big hit among fans!

It was a unique experience for everyone who came to Summer MYX Fest 2012! The unique collaborations is indeed a proof that no matter what type of music you love, whether rock or rap, there is a sweet spot where the two genres of music can harmonize. Just like what these bands and rapper Gloc-9 has done in Boracay!

Videos from Boracay will be up on soon including Gloc-9's collabs! Keep it here to check them out!

All our photos from the island are now up! Check them out HERE! We have albums of exclusive images from the event! 



  • gravzdashnine

    posted 5 years ago

    nice sir kea ikaw ang inidolo ng lhat more blessing sir

  • dharvin004

    posted 5 years ago

    gloc 9 parehas lang tayo ng hangarin na mapaunlad ang rap music satin bansa sana makasama kita gumawa ng kanta

  • teresitagomez

    posted 5 years ago

    Gloc-9 tunay na pinoy artist #GOOPM dalamat MYX :)

  • mayettedumana

    posted 5 years ago

    the best ka tlga GLOC9...


    posted 5 years ago

    Salamat sa talent mo idol! Binuhay mo ang music industry dito sa'tin!