WATCH: VANESSA HUDGENS Is "Powerless" In A Superhero World!

Did you ever wonder of how it feels like to live in a world of superheroes as a normal people?

Vanessa Hudgens' new comedy show, Powerless, zooms in on the life of regular people who live within the DC Comics universe. 

Team Powerless includes Hudgens as Emily Locke (the new director of Research and Development at Wayne Security), Alan Tudyk (the boss), and Danny Pudi, Ron Funches and Christina Kirk as co-workers, ordinary people who have an extraordinary work of designing products that keep citizens safe from superhero battles.

In the 30 minute clip, Emily arrives in her workplace only to find out that the products of her team are not functioning the way it's supposed to! Powerless premieres on US television this February.

Video Courtesy: Powerless

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