Martin Nievera Wants To Help Out Jessica Sanchez

After the big save last week, Jessica Sanchez has a bigger shot at winning the title American Idol! With 2 contestants going home this week, Jessica needs to step up her game to get even closer to the coveted title.

As help for the AI finalist, Martin Nievera would like to offer his help to improve Jessica's performance. According to a report from, the Concert King has been trying to reach out to her via Twitter and is willing to give some tips.

ôI think she could be the next American Idol. IÆve been trying to reach out through her on Twitter," he said. "All I know is I want to be able to tell her, give some tips, or pointers. But IÆm sure she knows what sheÆs doing.ö

ôI watch her and IÆm like, 'Oh sana you do this, to open her eyes more, to look at the audience, look at the judges look into the camera.' Her song can be communicated through the eyes because sheÆs got the voice,ö he said.

Martin still has full confidence on Jessica and appeals for the Filipino community in America to vote for her.ôAll you have to do is text. SheÆs very deserving, I think. The next American idol could be a Filipina. SheÆs proven herself already. She is awesome and weÆre all behind Jessica,ö

Jessica once again performs to move closer to the final spot! If you are based in the US, vote for her! Let's all unite to support Filipino talent!