WATCH: G-DRAGON Protects SANDARA PARK From Crowd After BIGBANG's Concert!

Fans of G-Dragon and Sandara Park, collectively known as Daragon, couldn't keep their calm after a video of the Big Bang's rapper protecting the former 2NE1 member surfaced online.

After Big Bang's "0.TO.10 Finale In Seoul," G-Dragon was seen hugging an unknown person covered with a blue hoodie, somewhat protecting her from the huge crowd as they walked to their car. But what got the attention of the fans was when the rapper seemed to have kissed the person's head.

Did GD kiss Dara's head???? ??????

— ?.? (@ApplersVN) January 8, 2017

Although the face of the person couldn't be recognized in the video, the photo of Dara posted by model Ahn Ah Reum in her Instagram account seem to confirm the speculations.  


???????? #?????

A photo posted by AHREUM AHN (@ahnahr) on

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