MYXclusive: JK LABAJO Takes On The Camera Roll Challenge!

We got an exclusive peek at what's on the phone of our MYX Celebrity VJ for January! Yep, JK Labajo took the Camera Roll Challenge! But how exactly does the challenge work? All you need to do is swipe as fast as you can then put your finger down to stop and randomly select a photo!

What could be the funniest thing on his camera roll? Are there interesting images on his mobile device? Find out all these and more by watching the MYXclusive video below:

P.S. JK also gave us a sneak peek of his new music! E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G!

Aside from his MYX Celebrity VJ stint, JK Labajo is set to have his first major solo concert at the Kia Theatre on February 5 which coincides with his 16th birthday!

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