WATCH: COLE SPROUSE Introduces His Character JUGHEAD In New Archie Comics Show "Riverdale"!

Fans of the iconic Archie comics are probably anxious to see if the 2017 series Riverdale will live up to the original one. 

But ahead of the show's premiere on January 26, Cole Sprouse just gave us a reason to watch the show as he previews his character Jughead Jones, the bestfriend of Archie Andrews. 

According to Cole, his role is the "creepy kind of Jughead" who doesn't believe in anything unless facts are given. "He's a budding writter. He's definitely watching what's going on in Riverdale from an objective point of view that probably not too many people have," he added.

His character is surely one of those you should all observe closely as he could be the one who can solve the murder mystery! Watch his preview below:

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