EXCLUSIVE: Carly Rae Jepsen Called To Say Hello To The Philippines!

"Call Me Maybe" hit maker Carly Rae Jepsen phoned to MYX and had a quick chat with! It was a sweet few minutes with Carly, who were very sweet and game to answer all our questions from London! She's currently on tour now but she took her time to say hi to everyone through us!

It's been her dream to become a professional singer, but she has just started her career at the age of 21 after winning third place at "Canadian Idol". "I never expected that 'Canadian Idol' opened the doors for me," Aside from singing, Carly is much into songwriting. In fact, she co-wrote the hit "Call Me Maybe".

"That's basically a pick-up line!" Carly admitted that the song started from a pick up line that her friend and guitar player thought of while jamming on the road. "It was just the idea of acting upon the first introduction with a stranger when you felt some chemistry."

The rest was history! The super catchy song got Justin Bieber and his friends hooked and made their own music video! If you have watched this version, you will see Justin and girlfriend Selena Gomez almost kissing in one scene! 

Watch the video here!

We had a blast talking to Carly on the phone! And we're giving you the chance to listen in on our entire conversation by listening below! 



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