Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Lawrence?

Miley Cyrus is yet to get another controversy. And now, it's between her and Jennifer Lawrence, the star of the movie adaptation "The Hunger Games".

Well that's if the fans of the former Disney star and "Katniss Everdeen" start one. This all began when rumor has it that Cyrus' movie was buried by Lionsgate because of the recently released "The Hunger Games".

Miley Cyrus together with Demi Moore, shot LOL back in 2010. It's a teen flick about relationships and was based on a French film hit with the same title. It was funded $11 million but currently, according to reports, Lionsgate was not giving them publicity. It was to be released at the same time with the much awaited movie, Avengers. 

The reason behind the said neglect for the flick is that the film outfit was worried on how to sell it. After the debut and success of the book turned to a movie, LOL may not have the same marketing hook as the former. It only had Miley as their selling point. Although, her popularity score still reached a high mark telling us that her career is far from over. Lionsgate declined to give their comment for this.

Miley's publicity is still on the rise with all that has been happening to her. Recently, the singer was rushed to the emergency room after a cooking injury. Her finger was cut by a blender while trying out a recipe from a cookbook. She had a few stitches and have on a splint so she's doing fine.

May the odds ever be in Miley Cyrus' favor! Do so by downloading her in your mobile! Just type TRU <keyword> and send it to 2366.

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