LOOK: GIGI HADID Gets Accused Of Racism Over Instagram Video

Gigi Hadid is facing controversy once again.

The supermodel faced backlash from netizens after she allegedly mocking Asians when she mimicked a cookie with the face of Buddha during a night out with her sister and friends. Her sister Bella Hadid shared the controversial video via Instagram and has since been deleted. 

While Gigi's gesture seemed like it was meant as an innocent joke, many have taken offense to her gesture of imitating an different race's physical features. She was earlier involved in a similar controversy when she did an impression of now-US First Lady Melania Trump at the 2016 American Music Awards. There are those who even pointed out that her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, is an Asian. See fans' reaction below.

Gigi hasn't spoken up about the controversy nor issued an apology, but her mom Yolanda posted a series of tweets in her daughter's defense.

What are your thoughts on Gigi Hadid's gestures? Was she being racist? Tell us in the comments!