Jay Sean Reveals His Songwriting Secrets

Jay Sean's got a few rules when it comes to writing his music.

Pop/R&B singer finds inspiration in his music. He says that if he, or one of his writing buddies, is in a bad mood then no music will be written for that day. He doesn't push it and that's his secret. But there aren't many of that for him lately. He sold Multi-platinum albums all over the world, received numerous awards, he's the only male artist in the past 10 years to have two simultaneous Top 10 tracks, and more! All of these were supported by his hip-hop, pop and R&B fans.

Jay Sean clearly doesn't just write music. He sees to it that he makes them with his heart. That's why when asked if he feels pressure when writing after one hit, he answers right away. The singer songwriter says that it will simply not work if you force yourself to write. He shares, "I've been there before and it killed me." He also shares that it will give you complete writer's block if you think too much about it. The moment pressure enters your mind, it will be over for you. Jay Sean says that you have to have faith in yourself when writing. This makes him one of the best male artist today.

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