LOOK: Meet The Cute Guys From This Fast Food Chain's Viral Video!

A Philippine fast food chain recently took the internet by storm after posting three different ads for their Valentine's campaign. While all three were tearjerkers, the first one titled "Vow" got everyone saying AWWW the entire time. Yep, all because they feel bad for the guy who got #bestfriendzoned.

Video Courtesy:Jollibee Philippines

We did some digging to find out who played him. Meet MJ Tam! It's not very evident with his barong on, but he happens to be a title holder in the body building industry. Yep, he's a fitness buff. And apparently, he also loves to travel.

Of course, we also stalked his rival played by Matthias Rhoads! According to his Instagram bio, he is an actor, a model, and an entrepreneur. Guess what? He recently starred in the 50 Shades of Grey musical parody!


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Who would you choose between the two? Matthias or MJ? Tell us in the comments!