WATCH: MANDY MOORE And Real-Life Boyfriend Play Lovers Breaking Up In A Music Video!

Mandy Moore always finds a way to make us cry.

The A Walk To Remember star guested in a heart-rending music video of "Roll With The Punches" released on Valentine's Day by American folk-rock band Dawes.

Mandy and the band's frontman Taylor Goldsmith made their relationship public and Instagram official last 2015. In the video, they play as couple going through a rough time breaking up which eventually leads to Taylor hiring a contractor to literally split the things they have shared in the past in two using a chainsaw. 

"Most of the damage was collateral / But still inspired some debate / All the principles of why all the people we love / Are the same as we also can hate," he sings. 

“Even though we were just making a music video, spending the whole day pretending like we were in the midst of a separation was sort of a drag. At least on camera. Luckily, she’s as pro as someone could be so it was pretty easy to switch back into laughs and hanging out while they were setting up other shots,” Taylor said to Entertainment Weekly

Video Courtesy: Dawes

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