WATCH: MAROON 5 Goes Psychedelic In Video For "Cold" Featuring FUTURE

Adam Levine goes home after a weird and crazy night at a party. "Somebody slipped something into my drink. I think it was acid because I started tripping balls," the Maroon 5 frontman tells his wife Behati Prinsloo in the clip.

WATCH: Preview Of BEHATI PRINSLOO In MAROON 5's Video For "Cold"

Indeed, the official music video for the pop rock band's newest single "Cold" with hip-hop artist Future is all kinds of trippy. There were exotic dancers with the head of a skull, donkey and chicken, police cars floating in the air, and a wedding of eyeless humans underwater.

Take the crazy trip with Adam in the video for "Cold" below.

Video Courtesy: Maroon5VEVO

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