LOOK: ONE OK ROCK Member Marries AVRIL LAVIGNE's Sister!

ONE OK ROCK bassist Ryota Kohama surprised fans when he suddenly announced his marriage to a woman named Michelle who turned out to be Avril Lavigne's little sister!

According to Ryota in his Instagram post, "I am so happy because I got married with Michelle! She is so amazing."


I am so happy because I got married with Michelle!!She is so amazing????

A post shared by RYOTA (@ryota_0809) on

Avril also expressed her good wishes for the new husband and wife on Twitter, "Wishing you both all the love and happiness in the world!"

The Canadian singer is featured in the Japanese band's new album Ambitions!

Were you surprised by the news? Send your well wishes to the couple in the comments!



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  • Areri14

    posted 6 months ago

    Congrats Ryota and Michelle. I can't wait to see Michelle in Ryota's IG feed. Maybe not that often though.