WATCH: DUA LIPA Lures In "Thinkin 'Bout You" Music Video!

We can't stop thinkin' about Dua Lipa's new music video! 

The British artist's new soul-pop anthem, "Thinkin' 'Bout You", talks about someone who hasn't moved on from his/her past relationship. In the video, she tries to seduce her former lover with her beauty and perfection, luring him into coming back to her life. 

"Like poison coursing through me / So clear my vision is blurred / The haze won't put my mind at ease / I've been sleeping later, I've been breathing stronger / I've been digging deeper but the memories won't stop"

Watch the video below:

Video courtesy: Dua Lipa

What can you say about Dua Lipa's music video for her soul-pop anthem "Thinkin' 'Bout You"? Tell us in the comments!



  • juanpaulo28

    posted 6 months ago

    She's the epitome of modern beauty and her voice is totally alluring.