WATCH: 3D Sings SUGARFREE's "Burnout" For "I'm Drunk, I Love You." Movie Soundtrack!

Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel and Bullet Dumas (collectively known as 3D) are back at it again with another heart-piercing song - "Burnout" - which is the official soundtrack of the much talked-about film I'm Drunk, I Love You.! And now, the official music video is finally here!

The music video has since gone viral and it features Danao, Dancel and Dumas on a road trip, singing the melancholic song with some of the most memorable scenes from the film were flashed in between. Perhaps the most heartbreaking scenes in the music video were those that showed people getting drunk over their painful experiences in life. Haaaay. Makes us want to grab a drink or two.

Video courtesy: I'm Drunk, I Love You. 

Good news, though, because you can now catch I'm Drunk, I Love You. in over 66 cinemas nationwide! No more excuses. Laban para sa #PelikulangPilipino! 

Photo courtesy: I'm Drunk, I Love You. 

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