LOOK: "Camp Rock" Stars DEMI LOVATO & JONAS BROTHERS' Mini-Reunion At The Oscars Afterparty

The Camp Rock stars had a mini-reunion at a party and fans just couldn't help themselves from being nostalgic and feeling hopeful for a new movie!

It's really quite possible with Demi Lovato and her ex, Joe Jonas staying in good terms with each other. Nick has remained a great friend to her, even third-wheeling in one of her dates. The three stars can easily be hanging out whenever they have the time

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Joe and Demi teased their fans about a possible Camp Rock 3 film a little over two weeks ago, campers were filled with so much excitement and anticipation. And now that they were spotted having a mini-reunion during Vanity Fair's Oscars Afterparty, fans started tweeting the photo of the three stars.

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