WATCH: BRUNO MARS Shows Off Dance Moves In "That's What I Like" Music Video!

Bruno Mars displayed his amazing dance skills in the official music video of his latest hit single "That's What I Like" from his third studio album 24K Magic. 

In the video directed by Bruno and Jonathan Lia, the 31-year-old singer gets to show off his fancy footwork - acting out the lyrics of the song such as driving a Cadillac, going to Paris and drinking strawberry champagne.

"Gold jewelry shining so bright / Strawberry champagne on ice / Lucky for you, that's what I like, that's what I like / Lucky for you, that's what I like, that's what I like," he sings. 

Video Courtesy: Bruno Mars

Bruno had earlier performed the song in this year's Brit Awards before releasing its music video. 

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  • jnb527

    posted 5 months ago

    Simple but fun to watch. He never disappoints his hooligans/fans whenever he performs live or make a music vid. He's a true entertainer, a legend and that vocals...god he sounds so good and sounds even better live at times. He can really sing, dance, compose, play intruments...what else can you ask for?