CAPTION THIS: MYX VJ Search Batch 2 Brought It Down Too!

If Batch 1 has already shown exceptional VJ-ing skills and talents, batch 2 just proved that they also have what it takes to become the next MYX VJs. We're sure that based on the outtakes we've captured during the auditions last Saturday, you will see how intense the process were!

Let's play another game of CAPTION THIS so you can see how far these VJ hopefuls went just to make it to the grueling audition process!


P.S. Those tears are REAL.

"Girls' Generation make you feel the heat...B-BRING THE BOYS OUT!"

"Akala mo ikaw lang? Sasayaw din ako! B-BRING THE BOYS OUT!"

No caption. He was too busy laughing.

"Let's all rise and watch the next video for today...AMEN."

"Umm...pwede na po ba akong magsalita?"

"Nye nye nyenye nye!"

"I. SERIOUSLY. Want. This. Job."


"Girl, no one can rock this dead cat like I can. *snap snap*"

"May kasabihan po tayo...ang batang makulit pinapalo sa puwit. I, thank you. Bow!"

See all of the Batch 2 finalists' wacky photos HERE! 3rd week of MYX VJ Search Auditions this Saturday! If you think you can give us an even wackier performance, log on to our MYX VJ SEARCH 2012 MICROSITE for all the details you need!

ALL of Batch 2 audition videos will be posted on our official YouTube channel, myxphdotcom, very SOON! So if you want your friends, family (even abroad!) and anyone to see your shining moment, just embed your video anywhere! Start creating a discussion! Feel free to share on any platform!

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Good luck Batch 2! And we're looking forward to seeing your auditions Batch 3!