LOOK: SANDARA PARK Sends PARK BOM Snacks With A Handwritten Note!

Girl groups may not last but the friendship between the members will remain forever!

2NE1 members' Park "sisters" Sandara and Bom showed that they have maintained their strong friendship despite their group's disbandment through cute and thoughtful gesture!

Park Bom shared on her Twitter account that Sandara sent her snacks and her favorite corn pies from a popular fast food chain along with a handwritten note on the paperbag that reads "Bom~ Enjoy the food!!! From Darongie” and a doodle of the giver's signature ponytail. 

Dara responded with a lot of corn emojis and promised that she'll buy her again next time,  “Oh! Looks like you’ve already eaten one? KK I’ll buy you more next time! Let’s eat it together~.” 

We want to be Dara's bestfriend too!

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