#MYXCelebVJJAPS Couldn't Watch Herself On MYX!

Our MYX Celebrity VJ Julie Anne San Jose was up early for her big debut as a VJ on MYX for the entire month of May. And of course, she checked up on her solid ADIKS if they've been tuning in to her first show of the day, Pop MYX!

thank you Lord, good morning friends :) you guys watching MYX? 32 minutes ago via web +  Reply +  Retweet +  Favorite + powered by @socialditto

No matter how excited Julie is for her first show as a VJ, she sadly, Julie Anne HAS NO CABLE! So as some of her fans! AWW SHUCKS!

hindi kayo nag-iisa! wala din kaming cable haha! let's celebrate :) 32 minutes ago via web +  Reply +  Retweet +  Favorite + powered by @socialditto

But instead of sulking about it, she will invade her neighbors with cable just to check how she did. (Don't worry, we think it was awesome!). Makinood ng cable sa kapitbahay guys! You don't want to miss PAGE 1 of Julie Anne San Jose Month on MYX, right?


mga friends alam na ha, maki-watch muna sa kapitbahay na may cable hehe! #akodin boom! 23 minutes ago via web +  Reply +  Retweet +  Favorite + powered by @socialditto

You know what to do! Get cable NOW! Choose a provider that carries MYX so you can enjoy music videos and more 24/7. Especially now that Julie is on board. It will be well spent, we promise! 

But the universe has a weird sense of humor! Just when Julie made her way to the neighbors and watch, she finds out they have cable BUT NO TV! *facepalm*


that akward moment when your neighbor has a cable, but no tv! haha! #saklap 17 minutes ago via web +  Reply +  Retweet +  Favorite + powered by @socialditto

At least, we're sure everyone's having a fun time with #MYXCelebVJJaps on @MyJaps and those who have MYX at home! Would you want us to upload her episodes? Let us know by commenting below!



  • JapsMoe28

    posted 5 years ago

    Yess . ! Pakiupload lahat . !

  • dheo

    posted 5 years ago

    go dj japs,,

  • private_jhae

    posted 5 years ago

    yeah..!, please do it as a favor for the adiks! :D

  • ghara35

    posted 5 years ago

    me also la din cable dati meron masydo taas lugar namin di makabitan eh....galing ni VJ Japs ganda pa hhe

  • chellemiiiii

    posted 5 years ago

    please.. i-upload nyo lahat :D