EXCLUSIVE: James Morrison Thinks He Has The Hardest Job In The World

If most of us thinks that being a famous musician is the best job in the entire world, British singer-songwriter James Morrison thinks otherwise. They may have the perks of touring all over the world and performing for huge crowds, the finds the process much taxing for a solo artist like him; taking charge of everything creatively.

"If you have a lot of people to write your songs, it's kinda easier to have space for you to view the songs. Whereas if you are a singer-songwriter, you're on your own, really." He has done collaborations with artists such as Nelly Furtado for "Broken Strings" and with Jessie J for "Up" that has become hits. This spells a perfect formula for him.

James also have a number of noteworthy songs under his belt that are proudly his own but he thinks now that singer-songwriters are groomed to be a different artist. As many as these kinds of musicians emerge nowadays, James prefers to stick to what he knows. After all, his songs have captured lots of hearts all over the world. And that is the formula he'll stick to.

Get the answers from James Morrison himself from our exclusive Q&A with him! Watch the video below to watch!

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