LOOK: LEA SALONGA Won't Take Photos With Fans Anymore?

In a series of tweets, Lea Salonga revealed why she may not pose for a snapshot with fans anymore.

The former MYX Magna awardee said she "may have to start refusing photo requests from fans" due to an incident that occured after the final performance of Fun Home involving her only daughter Nicole.

"Let me get this off my chest. There were some fans who yesterday approached my daughter. Afterwards, she ran back to me in tears, scared," she tweeted.

Though she didn't go into detail, Coach Lea asked her fans to "respect the personal space and boundaries" of artists. "Thanks a lot, you guys. I hope you're proud of what you've done," she added. Check out the tweets below:

Lea will be one of the coaches on the very first edition of The Voice Teens along with Bamboo, Sarah Geronimo, and Sharon Cuneta.

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