WATCH: SELENA GOMEZ Loves Jamming Out To BRUNO MARS' "That's What I Like"!

In the latest edition of 73 Questions by Vogue, Selena Gomez confidently revealed tons of interesting facts about her. Yep, she didn't just keep her hands to herself.

From serious stuff down to funny ones, what we loved most about her interview was when she started answering music-related questions. Like who knew the first concert she went to was Britney Spears'? Or that she would love to do a collaboration with Elvis Presley?

And if you think you're getting too much Bruno Mars these days, you're not the only one. Sel is very much into his new single, "That's What I Like"! It's her jam whenever she's on the road.

Hit the 4:52 mark for a bunch of music stuff. Watch the video below:

Video courtesy: Vogue

P.S. If her life were a song, it'd be called "I'm Still Figuring It All Out"! Same, Selena. Same.

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