WATCH: BEYONCE Makes A Surprise FaceTime Call To A Dying Fan

Wishes do come true!

According to PEOPLE, Ebony Banks (or Ebob to her classmates and friends) is a teenegaer who has a stage four cancer. She's a big fan of Beyonce and has always wanted to see her. And to her delight, she got the biggest FaceTime call of her life from none other than Queen Bey herself. 

A report by KIAH says that her classmates and friends pushed a campaign on social media by creating the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE. It caught the attention of Beyonce and everything else just followed.

One of her friends, Karina Guttierez, told ABC affiliate KTRK-TV that "Beyoncé is one of her idols. She admires her so much, so we’re trying to put that on Twitter and Instagram to get Beyonce’s attention."

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