In a lengthy Instagram post, Elmo Magalona took the chance to greet his "Kitty" in the sweetest way possible. The 22-year-old actor shared how happy he is to see Janella enjoy her life in spite of their busy schedules. At the end of his birthday message, he wished Janella nothing but pure happiness. 

"This beautiful soul turns a year older today. You've accomplished so much in a year and can still make time to enjoy your life. You always think of others first, and make sure that you put a smile on people's faces including myself. You can do all of that because you are super. I wish you happiness, strength to always be on top, and a belly so bottomless for all your cravings. You deserve it!!! Happy birthday, Kitty."


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This 2017, ElNella will reunite for a teleserye under Dreamscape Entertainment. Joining them are Eula Valdez, John Estrada, Mylene Dizon, Joshua Garcia and two of today's hottest love teams – Nash Aguas & Alexa Ilacad (NLex) and McCoy de Leon & Elisse Joson (McLisse).

What can you say about Elmo Magalona's sweet birthday message for Janella Salvador? Tell us in the comments!



  • sgvglee2016

    posted 5 months ago

    No one can beat those sweet, kind and sincere
    message. Happy birthday Janella and good job Elmo; you're one of a kind.

  • jramos1967

    posted 6 months ago

    *** JEA, Indeed ELMO felt all the love & care that you're so capable of sharing to a lot of people & so special attention to "Someone Whom You Value So Much", despite all the bashings that you've to endure in trying to bring out the 'Best In Them' whom you treasure & makes you truly Happy. Even with your fans/supporters you never failed to entertain them (ELNELLA Ganaps) & let them feel that you appreciate every effort & love they bestowed to You &am

  • Gembaki97

    posted 6 months ago

    Sweet as a honeybee, he's very poetic and sincere guy. Keep it up ELNELLA.