WATCH: MILLIE BOBBY BROWN Really Loves This "Shape Of You" Parody!

Millie Bobby Brown, the young actress who rose to fame after playing the role of “Eleven” in the phenomenal Netfilx series "Stranger Things" is currently loving this “Shape Of You” parody!

She shared this hilarious parody video on Twitter, featuring a man singing the said Ed Sheeran song using his own cleverly made lyrics. It turns out that this video was an original creation of British Youtuber Singing Dentist, who’s goal is to make dentistry fun by making song parodies online. It’s the reason why the lyrics he sang to the tune of “Shape Of You” conveyed the importance of proper oral hygiene. He originally uploaded this parody last February and called it "Save Your Tooth".

Millie said that she loves this parody video so much and you might find it very funny and informative as well.

Come on now, follow Millie’s lead and watch this video below.

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