WATCH: COLDPLAY's Chris Martin Sings An Impromptu Song For The Philippines

Coldplay's Chris Martin delighted the fans in attendance during ther A Head Full Of Dreams Tour in Manila last night. With an acoustic guitar in tow, he performed an impromptu song he wrote specifically for the Philippines.

"I’m so happy that we are here today / Even though thousands of you are so far away / I feel like you can’t see jack / It’s two miles from the front to the back," sings the talented frontman. "Oh we’ve been touring A Head Full Of Dreams / Now we’ve made it to the Philippines / I tell you that the crowd’s sucha thriller / They’re all killer, no filler"

"I tell you that the crowd is a thrilla / Just listen to how they sound in Manila / Oh we’re touring A Head Full Of Dreams," continued Chris. "Now we’ve made it to the Philippines / Just listen to the way the crowd screams"    

There were three stages last night: Stage A which was the main stage, Stage B was at the tip of the long catwalk and Stage C (where he sang his new song) was a satellite band set-up in the Gold section of the MOA Concert Grounds.  

Check out the video below.

Video courtesy: Adrian Ladia

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