WATCH: HALSEY Talks About Her Upcoming Album And Releases New Video, "Now or Never"!

Halsey recently dropped her music video for “Now or Never,” which is off of her upcoming album, hopeless fountain kingdom. Shot in Mexico City, the music video was directed by Halsey herself and Sing J Lee. Check out the clip below.

Video courtesy: HalseyVEVO

The singer got to talk about the single (which is produced by Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco and Happy Perez) and her album in an interview with BBC Radio 1 recently.  According to her, the new record is a 'concept album' and is like a 'Romeo and Juliet type story'.

"On it's own, the single is kind of like this impatient love affair," she says. "But in the context of the concept (of the album), its quite more dramatic that that. 'You need to love me now or never' because there are forces trying to keep us apart" 

She explained how she wanted be able to work different producers on the new album, unlike her first record. She was now willing to work with other writers and artists.

"I can go in and make a fool of myself in front of a producer," Halsey shared. "Who knows, maybe we'll mae something incredible out me making a fool of myself."