Momma B's Huge Love For Baby Blue Ivy

So how did Beyonce lose all those weight during pregnancy? We all know that those mommy fats are inevitable but Beyonce keeps it natural. After gaining 50 pounds, she says that she lost most of it from breast-feeding. The new mother even encourages other moms to do it. She says, "It's just so good for the baby and for yourself."

After breastfeeding baby Blue for 10 weeks, she excercised 3-4 times a week and used a calorie count diet. Also, stayed away from anything that's enticing. She's not even complaining that her beautiful bod isn't like before because the star loves her baby too much.

She prepared for giving birth by pampering herself not only to feel good but to feel good. "I didn't feel that I looked beautiful during birth, but who does?" the stars admits. She says she barely recognized herself but did not care less about how she looked after welcoming their child. Read more here.

Beyonce shows her love for daughter Blue to the world by blinging out her neck. She took a photo of her neck with a piece of jewelry that spelled out "Blue". You can see her picture on her website.  Also, last March she wore a body-hugging blue dress, bright blue nails and strappy blue sandals. Even daddy Jay-Z let the world know of his love for Blue by writing a song about her.

What can you say about Mommy B's love for daughter Blue?