Kanye And Kim Talks About Marriage

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are taking their relationship up a notch. Sources say that they are now talking about their future. The two talk for hours about anything. "They have definitely talked about getting married one day and things like where they'd want to raise their kids." A chance for love wasn't really given to them since they have been dating other people. 

What Kim likes about Kanye is that he's used to the limelight so he doesn't mind them at all. Read more about them together here.

The two had dinner in New York together with the Kardashian clan. The group seemed to be very calm and relaxed, eating their appetizers and cocktails. The dinner also included the family members posing for their own cameras.

Kim wants to be with Kanye as much as possible. They both know and love each other dearly. We can say this after seeing Kim wear Ye's initials as her earrings. And now, the Kardashian sister will be joining West on his summer tour with Jay-Z.

We'll have to see if the two paparazzi favorites will last. What do you think?

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  • Abii Florendo

    posted 5 years ago