LOOK: '13 Reasons Why' Actor Reacts To LIZA SOBERANO's Tweet!

Liza Soberano - who happens to be a BIG fan of Selena Gomez's passion project 13 Reasons Why - got a tweet from Christian Navarro who plays Tony Padilla in the show!

Since Liza Soberano finished watching the teen drama series a little more than two weeks ago, she has consistently shared various content related to the show on her Twitter account. In one of her tweets about bullying and discrimination, a fan thought Liza was just referring to the show itself. In her defense, the My Ex and Whys actress said she is against such actions in general. 

To Liza's surprise, she caught Navarro's attention on Twitter! She then expressed her joy after she unlocked another fangirl moment with the actor himself!

What can you say about Liza Soberano's exchange of tweets with Christian Navarro? Tell us in the comments!



  • Pat.esguerra

    posted 4 months ago

    Lol.Liza just busted Christian, when Christian said he's a fan of her but Liza thought of the Movie