Justin Timberlake: "I ended up looking like a moronö

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Who would forget the baggy pants, bright-colored clothes, sweater tied around the waist and the weird hairstyles of the 90's?

In an interview with Details, Justin Timberlake is asked about his grooming habits and how he takes care of himself . He admitted that the pressure of being one of the popular boy bands in the 90's affected the way he dressed. ôThere were many moments in my teenage years where I succumbed to, um, the weirdness of the group I was in. And in trying to conformùwe're marionettes!ù I ended up looking like a moron," shares Justin.

I guess we can verify the saying "The older it gets, the better it tastes." because Justin Timberlake never looked so gorgeous, especially now that he's engaged to the beautiful Jessica Biel.