Lady Gaga: "Love is the most terrifying thing in life for me"

If there's one artist living up to all her dreams, then it would be American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga who has received countless awards and nominations for her contributions to the music industry. She is absolutely an icon and her songs continue to influence a lot of people all over the world. 

But with all the success and fame that she's experiencing, the New Queen Of Pop reveals to us that being in a relationship right now is something not in her priorities. Lady Gaga has been focused on her professional and charitable work for years and romance was difficult to fit into her schedule.

"Anyone that got in the way or was being destructive in my life, I just cut them off and concentrated on my music. Love is still the most terrifying thing in life for me."

'I'm still working on finding love,' she shared. "I know that feeling - that feeling of the impossible. But the only thing I don't have that feeling about is my work. It's not dependent on someone else. At the same time, it is an amazing feeling that you can love somebody and that you can share your life."

Do you agree with her that love is terrifying? Any heartbreaking experiences of your own? Share it with us!



  • ChocoChum

    posted 5 years ago

    it will depend if love is the most terrifying thing.. :))