Justin Bieber Making Out With A Girl (And It's Not Selena!)

Yes, Justin Bieber was seen making out with a girl other than his one and only girl, Selena Gomez. But before all you fans try to make plans of killing this girl, let's first look closely.

Photo credit: Bruja/Rachid Ait,  

Justin Bieber's official music video for "Boyfriend" just recently came out and a lot of the Beliebers raised their eyebrows as they see him flirt with this gorgeous brunette. But the love interest of Justin in the video, Rachel Barnes, wants all the fans to now that she is not a threat because she is already married!

"Justin and Selena are adorably inseparable and I, myself, am already married," Barnes said in the interview, adding: "I'm a Belieber, but he's not my boyfriend." She also shared that it's been great to be part of the Bieber madness even if only for a song.

So relax and breathe people. There's nothing to worry about.




    posted 5 years ago

    she looks like Siva from the Wanted or Taylor Lautner...

  • fade_PHL

    posted 5 years ago

    Barnes looked hot...

  • sweetcrush

    posted 5 years ago

    Who cares who he makes out with, he needs to learn how to sing for real before making any more videos. The guy can`t hide behind auto forever.

  • gleesa

    posted 5 years ago

    Gross!! He's so immature for real.

  • eduardbautista

    posted 5 years ago