WATCH: ERIK SANTOS' Throwback MYX Live! Performance Of "This Is The Moment"

Since 2002, MYX has been bringing to its viewers a weekly intimate concert in the comfort of their own homes. Over the years, MYX Live! has been home to many iconic performances from local bands and solo artists.

As a treat to OPM fans, we're bringing you some of the most remarkable performances of years past!

You’re in for a treat this Way Back Wednesday as we give you one of the earliest MYX Live! performances by Erik Santos. He made the song “This Is The Moment” an iconic contest piece and at the same time, an anthem of celebrating one's triumph. His debut album - released after he was hailed as the grand champion of the talent show, ‘Star In A Million’ - was named after his winning piece. 

Have a blast from the past and enjoy the MYX Live! version of Erik Santos’ “This Is The Moment” here:

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