LOOK: GONG YOO Explains Why He's Not On Social Media!

Before kicking off his fan meet in Taiwan, Korean actor Gong Yoo finally revealed why he doesn't have a social media account.

In a Soompi report, the Goblin leading man said, "First off, I don't like taking selfies. When I go somewhere, I'd rather be looking at the sights with my eyes rather than take pictures."

"Part of the reason why I don't use social media is that because it's to show people, some parts of it will not be genuine. It makes me uncomfortable to show things in a packaged way like that."

"Everyone will have a different opinion on this. This isn't about good or bad. These are just my personal feelings," he concluded. We truly understand what you're trying to tell us, Gong Yoo, but we still have high hopes for your selfies one day!

Meanwhile, find out who the "Train To Busan" star would save during a zombie attack and what kind of roles he would love to play in the future by watching the MYX News Minute video below!

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