WATCH HERE: Julianne and Quest visit VJ Joyce on DTT!

Missed today's Daily Top 10? No worries! is here to save the day. You can view the whole show online on our VIDEOS section. 

We have VJ Joyce prepping us up together with our guests for today, Julianne and Quest! As performers for Gary V's on-going concert entitled "On Higher Ground", both shared their experience, some highlights of the event and as well as what audiences should expect from this thrilling concert. And catch the Top 10 most requested videos on the MYX DAILY TOP TEN here until 12 midnight.

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  • BogZ

    posted 5 years ago

    ahm hello ako po si elwin lumbao ng Muaban ah pwede pong pabati ng mga ka bestropa koh... ka bestropa ko .Ahm Vj joyce masaya ako.. pag nakikita kita lalo nah.. yung maganda mong mga ngiti habang akoy nanunuod ng daily top ten over talaga sa sayaa.. manuod ng Myx sarap ulit .ulitin .at ang the number one music chanel in the phillipines Myx.

  • lahmyxilistahü

    posted 5 years ago

    Thanks for reading mah message VJ Joyce :)
    [2nd batch, first message] :)