LOOK: Filipina Teen Gets A Surprise Shoutout From EMMA WATSON While Studying At Home

A lucky Filipina teen gets an inspirational shoutout from THE Emma Watson and she just couldn't contain her happiness. 

Meet Therese Kiara, a Cebuana teen who now resides in New York. While she was busy reviewing for her Biology exam, her mom contacted her through FaceTime to let her know that Emma Watson was standing just right behind her. Her mom then asked Watson to say "hi" to her daughter because as much as Therese wanted to see the Beauty and the Beast star in person, she simply couldn't.

"Sure! Hi! Study hard," Emma said to Therese. 

As of posting, her Facebook post now has over 100,000 likes and 14,000 shares. Lucky you, Therese Kiara! #motivationatitsbest

Photo courtesy: Therese Kiara

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