50 Cent Is Back In The Music Scene!

It's been a while since 50 Cent released an album. But we heard, he's back to finally launch his fifth studio album.

The rapper had problems with his record label over the album. But last month, he announced that he's ready for his new material. "I've had issues because I've had records that I thought were good enough to start the momentum, and then the actual campaigns have leaked out and it came from the system," he explained. But according to source, Cent and his record label are now in a "better place" because they are now on the same page and have been communicating with each other. 

In between finishing his new record, the hip hop star has been working on his mixtape entitled "Gangsta Grillz" together with DJ Drama. He tweeted, "SMS audio my gangsa grillz tape is don it hits the street the 15th. I'm back on the grind now watch me work." Now that he's wrapped up work on the mixtape, he can now focus on his upcoming album. 

With just the final revisions, it is expected to be released on July 2.

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