Rihanna Rushed To The Hospital

Rihanna's health is not in the best condition. She revealed that she had been to the hospital. 

The singer posted a picture on her Twitter account. Earlier this week, the photo showed an IV drip attached on her arm. She did not confirm the reason for being on the hospital but reports say that she was treated for dehydration. Speculations say that she had fallen ill due to her late night partying adding to her hectic schedule.

Her complaints on her Twitter account tells us that she was starting to feel unwell last week. Sources say that Rihanna the excessive partying was a sign of rebellion against her record label because they were making her 'work too hard'.

But her fans need not worry anymore because she's doing great now. She got some penincillin and an IV and that made her better.

Let's just hope she lessens the partying so that there would be no more trips to the hospital.

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