Julianne Truly Knows How To Fly

The talented singer-songwriter, Julianne, is known to one of those singers who truly inspire people with her words and melodies. She has performed with world-class artists such as Gary Valenciano, Rivermaya, Hillsong and Grammy-winner Colbie Calliat. With all of the success that she's experiencing right know, Julianne reveals to us that sometimes, there are still moments when she becomes afraid and that person who is always there to give hope and encourage her is God. "Na-realize ko na thatÆs really what God wants us to be. ItÆs just to be excellent in what He has given us. ItÆs a song about encouragement and about believing in yourself and another person. And just believing that youÆre created to be great and created to be something more and itÆs possible to really live that life."

She also uncovers the person who inspired her to write the song. "ThereÆs a person in my life who is so insecure to the point.. ItÆs frustrating sometimes when you see a person with so much talent and potential. HeÆs so gifted but hindi niya yun makita sa sarili niya siguro kasi, because of whatever reason, sometimes people are afraid, or sometimes they donÆt know they have what it takes" shares Julianne.

Watch our exclusive video to find out what's the story behind her new single "Fly" from her upcoming album!