VJ Bianca And VJ Iya Excited For "Mudarakis Day!"

"Mudarakis Day"? That's how VJ Bianca called Mother's Day, embellishing VJ Iya's "Mudra's Day"! Kidding aside, the two recalled how their moms have helped them go through their busy schedules and more. VJ Iya's mom always goes with her whenever she has tapings and bonds with the people on the set too, kinda becoming everyone's second mom. Though VJ Bianca admits that she's not too showy with her feelings towards her mommy, she still loves her so much. 

Is that a little tear coming out of your eyes, VJ Bianca? Awww.

Aside from their touching Mother's Day messages, VJ Bianca introduces MYX's "Ferpect Mother", Ate Josie! For those of you who don't know, Ate Josie is MYX's beloved Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Queen/Make-Up Diva. She's also a proud mom! Happy Mother's Day Ate Josie!

Check out their heartfelt message to their mothers by watching the clip below! What is your surprise for your mommy? Share them to us below!



  • patrick james sordilla

    posted 5 years ago

    ang ganda talaga ninyong dalawa...
    sana makita ko kayo in personal..