VJ Nikki Will Trade Places With Her Mom For A Day

VJ Nikki is still undecided on what she'll do for her mom today. Since she always prepares all her things for her before heading to shoots or shows, Nikki wants to turn things around and do it for her mom too. She knows her mom will flip if she has nothing to do but it's about time that she took care of herself first and not the family, for a change. 

This break from all the motherly responsibilities is VJ Nikki's way of saying thanks to all the sacrifices her mom did for her. She'll cook dinner perhaps, or even have her stay in a room and let her surf Facebook for an entire day!

Since it's still early for Mother's Day surprises, VJ Nikki is very much open to suggestions! Send them in at MYX(space)VJ NIKKI(space)YOUR NAME AND MESSAGE and send it to 2366!



  • vedana

    posted 5 years ago

    ang ganda mo talaga vj nikki