#MYXCelebVJJAPS Wala Pang Surprise Para Kay Mommy?

Looks like MYX Celebrity VJ Julie Anne San Jose will just wing it for Mother's Day. She usually plans with her sisters but this time, she's still unsure about what to do for her mom, who's always with her anywhere even until the wee hours of the morning! Julie Anne is probably busy preparing for her birthday concert happening this Wednesday! Yay!

What are your suggestions for Julie Anne's Mother's Day surprise? Can you trend Julie Anne's greeting for her mom on Twitter? #HappyMomsDayMYXCelebVJJAPSMom Comment below to fill her in with your suggestions!

You can catch MYX Celebrity VJ Julie Anne San Jose on Mellow MYX the entire week starting this Sunday!

May 13 - 19 MELLOW MYX 
Sunday - Saturday 2:00 PM, 11:00 PM

Tweet her with the hashtag #MYXCelebVJJAPS and try to ask @MyJaps your love concerns! You'll never know, she might give you some solid advice!

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  • niekul14

    posted 5 years ago

    say i love you to your mother and kiss her.... :)