Slapshock's Jamir Garcia's Got His Mom's Name Inked On His Arm

For this rocker to say that everyday is Mother's Day is quite a touching gesture. We might see Jamir of Slapshock go all out in concerts and clad in his awesome tattoos but he has a soft side too, especially to his mom.

Jamir's biggest inspiration is his mother even until now that she has joined the Creator. Him longing for her has just pushed Jamir to work hard and make her proud. We're sure she's smiling down from heaven everytime Slapshock performs. 

As his tribute to his one and only mother, he has tattooed her name, Teresita, on his right arm to remind him daily that her memory will live on. "Everyday is Mother's Day for me," says Jamir as he continues to do what he loves for her mom. 

Check out Jamir's special ink by watching the video below!