One Direction's Louis Tomlinson 'has the smelliest feet ever'

The British boy band comprising of Niall, Louis, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne are currently preparing for their international concert series. With this, Niall jokingly shares that he's not at all looking forward to spending time on the tour bus because he can't stand the smell of Louis' feet.

"Louis has the smelliest feet ever," he told British newspaper The Sun. "He wears plimsolls with no socks so his feet get very sweaty and the sweat is captured. If we are on a bus or something and he takes them off we all pretty much start gagging."

One Direction have just wrapped up promotional tours in the US, Australia and New Zealand for their hit album Up All Night.

Whatever happens, nothing can change our love for One Direction right? 

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Source: Music-News



  • 1D Is My Life

    posted 4 years ago

    It's ok if his feet smells that way I still love BOO!

  • leprechaurn Stypayhoralikson

    posted 4 years ago

    ahhhh..naill stop complaining bout the smell of the feet of our beloved boobear.he still cuteand laim just say that louis tomo tomlinson is the messiest of the group

  • awestachsmile

    posted 4 years ago

    Now that i know how to vote i will keep on supporting their songs :) yeah yeah !!!

  • Maknae_Regie

    posted 4 years ago

    awww. :o did our cute LEPRECHAUN complaining something about BOO??1..
    don't worry much guys. NIALLER your stil our CUTE (phenomiNIALL) IRISH & LOUISS yuor the best BOO-BEAR (fabuLOUISS) haha. XD

  • 1DBigFan05

    posted 4 years ago

    I still love you BOOBEAR!